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​​Lindmore ID's Regular Board Meeting :

March 9, 2021:  Agenda to be posted

The Lindmore ID Board of Directors announced an updated 2020 water allocation and water rate :

  1.  1.1 AF of water per acre of land
  2. $65 per acre foot for Ag water (pumped water add $10 per acre foot)
  3. Effective April 15, 2020


  • What makes up our rate?  (Assuming we deliver 40,000 acre feet of water)

    -  Fixed Costs (Friant O&M, Exchange Contractor Water Costs, Water Legal Defense, Bond Service, etc.)  $43.18 Acre/Foot

    -  USBR cost of water $46.56 Acre/Foot

    -  Delivery (Admin., O&M) $41.96 Acre/Foot

  • Why is our rate higher than in the past?

​    - The amount of water we deliver impacts the rate of water more than anything else.  (The less water we can deliver, the higher the rate.)

    - USBR and Friant Water Authority costs have gone up.

    - District costs have stayed relatively stable over the last 10 years.


  • What factors have impacted the District's allocation from the USBR? 

    - The USBR decided to release water from Millerton to meet the demands of the Exchange Contractors, putting the security of our supply in jeopardy.

    - An apparent warming and drop in elevation for moisture patterns has negatively impacted the amount of water collected in watersheds.

    - A 1986 law suit required the District in 2010 to release 18% of it's water supply to restore the San Joaquin Salmon fishery.​  Settlement


  • What were the pro-rates for the last five years?

  • How will the District prepare for future variations in USBR water supply?  

    - The District began searching for and working with other agencies to find places to percolate wet year water supply.

    - We plan to develop groundwater banking.

    - We intend to find additional supplies.

    - We also plan to improve our supply foundation through legislation. 

20150 AF/ac.
1.00 AF/ac,
1.00 AF/ac.minimum
1.30 AF/ac.minimum


1.30 AF/ac. minimum

​​Click here for the updated USBR Allocation for 2020 announced April 2020. Initial Federal Allocation was 20% of Lindmore ID Class 1 supply; April updated Federal Allocation was 55% and in June the USBR moved the allocation to 65%

To Transfer Allocation back to the District Pool fill out form & return to the District Office prior to July 31, click here for the

2020 Water Transfer form

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Feb 9, 2021     

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