June 14, 2016

Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors


Exchange Contract

The USBR  has acquired the rights to all river water on the San Joaquin River. It holds or reserves water for several individuals on the SJR. 840 thousand AF of water is reserved for the use of the Exchange Contractors. This water is delivered to them from the San Joaquin Delta (Sacramento River system) and their water from the San Joaquin River system is delivered to Federal Contractors in the Friant Service Area including Lindmore ID.

Federal Water Contract

Lindmore Irrigation District has a perpetual water contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR). This water is developed in the San Joaquin River (SJR) and delivered from Millerton Reservoir (Friant Dam, Friant CA), down the Friant-Kern Canal to pipes owned and operated by the District. This water then flows to the District's member growers.

June 3, 2016

District BBQ - Sponsored by Soil Basics 11 am - 1 pm

California is blessed with perfect climate and soil and access to water to grow many different and important food and fiber crops. In this District we grow citrus, grapes, nuts, olives, dairy, silage, berries, cotton, and more.

Water is needed to help plants grow. This water is developed high in the mountains as snow and rain, stored in reservoirs and delivered over the growing season to farmers to grow food we need to eat. Farmers also pump groundwater when there is less water from the mountains or stored in the reservoirs that can be delivered to them through canals and pipelines..



Click Here for Allocation & Rate Notice - As of February 17, 2017 the Board of Directors has not established an allocation. 



How Lindmore ID Gets Water

April 13, 2016

Hydrology update by the USBR


  • Allocation not yet established.  Last year was - 1.00 AF per Acre (100 AF per 100 Acres).  This year will be higher than last year. 
  • A rate of $200/$210 AF for water was set on May 10, 2016. However, the Board will likely authorize a much lower rate for 2017.